Soli Supernova.

The sun loved the moon so much that he was willing to shine a light on the world just so he had a chance to see her every day. Her untouched beauty never ceased to reflect his love for her; and yet, as fate would have it, their union eclipsed all other manifestations of celestial romance. It was as though time itself stopped when the sun joined with his lover in celestial bliss. The blazing heat of his passion was cooled, if but for a moment.

She received the fullness of his passion, shielding the desert sands from his fury. The daily rising and falling of the waters represented the eternal tide that was their emotional tug of war, recounted by scientists throughout the centuries as a natural phenomenon. The winds of the earth traveled to and fro in response to his endless love.

But one day, someday deep into the rays of time, his love will refuse to wait any longer. The prophets of science spoke of a time in which we will all be consumed by his affection. On that day, we will all cease to exist as independent beings traveling around his celestial arteries. We will finally become one with Creation’s greatest lover.


11:03 a.m.
14 January 2014

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