La Perception: Une Parabole.

Note: I enjoyed writing this one. The truth: we have a lot of work to do as human beings.

One cool, breezy evening in July, an aristocrat walked into La Reine Sélêne, the most beautiful and expensive restaurant in Paris. Upon her entry, she recognized an Ethiopian and Algerienne sitting in the corner at a table to themselves. Infuriated at the couple’s presence, the aristocrat stormed over to the counter, removed her purse, slammed hundreds of euros on the counter, and shouted

Garçon, I would like to purchase a meal for everyone in this restaurant, except for that nègre and his little salope over there!”

This elicited a gasp from those in attendance. Surprised at the sudden outburst, the waiter collected the money and began serving the finest meals to everyone in the restaurant, save for the couple in the corner. Instead of becoming angry, the Ethiopian simply looked over at the aristocrat, smiled, and shouted

“Merci, mon amie!”

This bizarre reaction to a public insult of this magnitude greatly displeased the aristocrat, so again, she removed her purse and shouted, this time bellowing

Garçon! This time I am buying your finest bottles of bordeaux and additional food for everyone in this restaurant, whatever plate they desire, excepting of course the stupid nègre and his disgusting beurette over there!”

Again, the waiter collected the money from the aristocrat and began serving free food and the finest bordeaux to everyone in the restaurant, save for the Ethiopian man and Algerienne sitting with him. Once the waiter finished serving another round of food, the Ethiopian, once again, smiled, and repeated

“Merci beaucoup, mon amie!

The Ethiopian then departed, the Algerienne following closely behind him. This made the aristocrat red with anger. Leaning over the bar, fists trembling, the aristocrat angrily motioned to the waiter once more. After providing a very hefty tip [about 100 euros] as a means to flaunt her wealth, the aristocrat asked

“Bordel de merde! What the hell was wrong with that nègre? I have purchased the most expensive meals and drinks for everyone in this bar except for him and his salope, and instead of becoming angry, all he has to say is ‘merci beaucoup!’ Has he lost his mind? Why doesn’t he learn his place among us?!”

Unable to hold in his laughter any longer, the waiter gathered his tip, placed it in his pocket, and said simply, “no, he hasn’t lost his mind…”

“…he OWNS this restaurant!”

Tous pour un, un pour tous.

May the enemies of our ambition continue to work unknowingly in our favor.

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